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Plate Punch Machine

Stable pneumatic punching method, easy and convenient

  • 10.4-inch LCD color monitors, HD-angle color camera.
  • Imported button-touch operation with a sharp precision punch.
  • Two high-resolution CCD, resolution up to 1 / 1000 mm.
  • Locates the set in advance, calibrates the world, the drift angle deviation causes the whole set domain document position to be accurate.
  • Reduces the proofreading time largely above 80%, largely reduces raw material waste.
  • The sequencing designs the punch and the curved version lifts the version to be possible an operation to complete, may also the independent work.
  • Reduces printer labor intensity, enhances printing quality.
  • Hole punch configuration flexibility to achieve a multi-purpose machine, bending plate feature matches.
Plate Punching Machine
Plate Punching Machine
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