Thermal CTP Plate

Thermal CTP Plates are able to meet various requirements of high-grade commercial and newspaper printing. It has the advantages of speedy platemaking, high tolerance level, precise half-tone dot reproduction, good ink balance, and high press run.

Easypress Thermal CTP Plate is a high-quality printing plate specialized for thermal CTP platesetter, self-developed by Jiangsu Easypress Co., Ltd. It is directly scanned by 830nm laser controlled by computer and put on press for printing after developing. The formulation designed by our own intellectual properties and the unique manufacturing process makes Easypress Thermal CTP plate features as follow:

  • Unique formulation design
  • High-quality aluminum, composite grain, and high press run.
  • Capable of bright room operation.
  • High resolution and precise halftone dot reproduction.
  • High development tolerance level and convenient operation.

CTP Plate

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