CTCP plate used widely in Africa

CTCP plate is also called “UVCTP” plate.

The CTCP plate printing effect same as Thermal CTP plate and the coating color both blue.

The plate-making machine is also different. CTCP plate imaged by UVCTP machine(405nm laser), Thermal CTP plate imaged by CTP machine(830nm laser)

The CTCP plate used widely in Africa, and the price is cheaper than thermal ctp.

Many customers in African choose to use CTCP plate.

Not only because of the price but also because the UVCTP machine is popular in Africa.

  • High-quality Aluminum and photosensitive coating.
  • Multi-layer composite grain structure.
  • Precise half-tone dot reproduction.
  • High development tolerance level and convenient operation.
General Info
Plate Type CTCP Plate
Application  High quality commercial and newspaper printing
Gauge 0.15,0.20, 0.25,0.30, 0.40 (mm)
Colour Green or light blue
Spectral Sensitivity 370-405nm
Resolution 2-98%@200lpi
Laser Energy Required 50-80mj/cm2
Developer Temperature 23±2°C (same developer as PS plate)
Length of Run Unbaked:  60,000~80,000 impressions
Baked: 100,000~150,000  impressions
Storage and Handling
Safelight Handle under yellow safelight
Shelf Life 12 months under recommended storage conditions
Packaging Export standard packing
Storage and handling stored in a cool and dry environment, away from excessive cold, heat and

CTcP Plate

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