Positive PS Plate

Positive PS Plate use for high-grade commercial package printing and newspaper printing.

The coating face is green. Must be operated in yellow light.

PS plate is less used now. Because the exposure way is difficult, not easier than CTP plate and CTCP plate.

If you still need PS plate, we can provide you.

Before PS plate was the cheaper than CTCP plate and CTP Plate, but now as the PS plate manufacturers have reduced, the price is not competitive.

  • Uniform surface coating and high photosensitive speed.
  • High resolution and higher press run.
  • Precise half-tone dot reproduction.
  • Faster Exposure and good stability.
General Info
Plate Type Positive PS Plate
Application Commercial and newspaper printing
Gauge 0.15,0.20, 0.25,0.30, 0.40 (mm)
Color Green
Spectral Sensitivity 320-405nm
Resolution 2-98%@200lpi
Laser Energy Required 80-180mj/cm2
Developer Temperature 20-25°C
Length of Run Unbaked: 50,000 to 80,000 impressions
Baked: Over 100,000 impressions
Storage and Handling
Safelight Handle under yellow safelight
Shelf Life 12 months under recommended storage conditions
Packaging Export standard packing
Storage and handling stored in a cool and dry environment, away from excessive cold, heat and

PS Plate

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