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Exposure Machine - Easypress

Plate Exposure Machine

LCD operating system, with three operating models, human interface

  •  LCD operating system, with three operating models, human interface.
  • Double imported vacuum pumps, Double-loop high-speed circulation vacuum induction system.
  • Germany mirror reflectors, Always light, 3-5 KW to be chosen.
  • The specially made joined blanket, against air leakage, and anti-aging that is the industry initiative.
  • Siemens appliances specialized in optical glass.
  • Twice-vacuum, re-expose system, the average exposure uniformity above 86%.
  • Completely closed structure, automatic shading system.
  • Double frame design and can be carried to make-up room separately.
  • Special requirements, specifications, dispositions can be ordered.

PPlate Exposure Machine

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