Leading CTP Plate Manufacturer in China

Easypress is a professional CTP plate manufacturer in China that offers long-run, high sensitivity, and excellent features. It offers the best market compatibility to meet your requirements.

We focus on the 3 points that interest you most:

  • 1, The run number: Unbaked:  60,000~80,000 sheets; Baked: 100,000~150,000 sheets
  • 2, The printing effect: Perfect dot restoration, no dirty spots
  • 3, The price: Send you ctp plate size and quantity, and we will provide the best price to you

CTP Plate Manufacturer Provide You the Best Quality with the Most Competitive Price

CTP plate is mostly used for commercial, packaging and newspaper printing. It features a high tolerance level and good ink balance to ensure superior printing performance. These plates are also designed with high-press run and half-dot reproduction. It also features different thicknesses and sizes to meet a variety of printing applications.

Easypress is a superior manufacturer of CTP plate that is manufactured with aluminum substrate. We produce CTP plate using our 3 printing plate production lines. Our team offers 2 years warranty and after-sales support. Easypress also offers OEM services to meet your brand and business requirements.

  • Plate size according to your requirements
  • Electrochemical multilayer grain plate treatment
  • Superior chemical sealing
  • Blue color coating

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CTP plate for offset printing that features color accuracy, high-press run, and a clear hierarchy.

CTP Plate for Offset Printing

CTP plate for offset printing that features color accuracy, high-press run, and a clear hierarchy.

CTP Plate
Double Layer CTP Plate for UV printing

Double layer CTP plate suit for UV ink and ordinary ink, long run length printing, and high-quality

Positive UV CTP Plate
Processless CTP Plate

Processless CTP plate no need to wash plate after imaged by CTP machine, long run and high quality.

Why Choose Easypress CTP Plates

Excellent Composition
Excellent Composition

Our CTP plates are produced with an excellent composition including infrared-sensitive layer, aluminum substrate, and composite grain.


We manufacture CTP plates that are compatible with different applications including newspaper and high-grade commercial printing.

Optimal Features
Optimal Features

Easypress offers high-quality CTP Plates with a high tolerance level, good ink balance, speedy plate-making, and more.

High Printing Performance
High Printing Performance

The CTP plates produced by Easypress are suitable for alcohol or conventional wet thus, providing perfect and excellent color prints.

What is a CTP Plate?

A CTP plate is commonly used for newspaper and commercial printing. These plates are coated with an ablation layer or polymer that is sensitive to temperature. The thermal-sensitive CTP plates are sensitive to laser infrared that ranges from 800 up to 850nm.

These plates do not react if the temperature range did not reach the critical point. The shape and size of the plates are also not affected even when the temperature exceeded the critical range. Easypress offers CTP plates that can provide a clear edge dot that does not shrink.

What is a CTP Plate
Aluminum CTP Plates for Offset Printing

Aluminum CTP Plates for Offset Printing

We manufacture aluminum CTP plates that are widely used for offset printing. It has double-coating that ranges from 0.15 up to 0.40mm. These plates also provide excellent performance such as the following:

  • High sensitivity for an efficient plate making
  • Superior water-retaining feature with grainy properties
  • Excellent stability during printing
  • Low error rate, high efficiency, and low cost

Features of Our CTP Plates

We provide high-quality CTP plates that are manufactured with optimal features.

  • Easy to use. It can be used without pre-heating under white light.
  • Superior dot appearance
  • Maximum compatibility
  • Fast and high sensitivity
  • Exceptional hydrophilicity
  • High resolution
  • Reliable dot reproduction
Features of Our CTP Plates

Easypress CTP Plates


Easypress offers a wide range of CTP plates with different specifications such as the following:

  • Thermal positive CTP plate
  • The anodized lithographic aluminum substrate
  • Up to 0.40mm available gauge
  • Manufactured using standard 1050 Alloy
  • 800 up to 850nm spectral sensitivity
  • Up to 18 months shelf life

As a professional manufacturer, we make sure that all our CTP plates are produced with different international standard certifications.

  • RoHS
  • EN71-3
  • IAF
  • ISO
  • CE

Why Easypress is a Trusted CTP Plates Supplier

Advanced CTP Plate Production
Advanced CTP Plate Production

Our factory in China is equipped with advanced CTP plate production equipment to ensure quality.

  • Over 60 staff for CTP plate production
  • 3 CTP plate production lines
  • Manufacture CTP plates 24 hours per day
Provides Free Samples of CTP Plates
Provides Free Samples of CTP Plates

Easypress can provide CTP plate samples for free to test its quality.

  • Offered at low minimum order quantity
  • Excellent production workshop
  • Fast shipping and delivery
High Performance CTP Plates
High Performance CTP Plates

Easypress manufactures CTP plates that can provide any application with high performance.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High tolerance when undergoing developing conditions
  • Superior printing performance
Your Trusted CTP Plates Supplier in China
Easypress – Your Trusted CTP Plates Supplier in China

Easypress manufactures CTP plates with different thicknesses. We can also provide OEM services for your brand. Easypress also offers 2 years warranty with after-sales services.

  • “Easypress has been my supplier of CTP plates that are high-quality and can provide excellent printing performance. Thank you, Easypress for providing consistent quality.”

  • “Thank you, Easypress for the reliable and outstanding performance CTP plates. These can provide a really good impact on my business.

  • “Thank you, Easypress for the reliable and outstanding performance CTP plates. These can provide a really good impact on my business.

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