CTP Machine For A1 and A2 SIZE

Do You Need a CTP Machine? We Have The Best CTP Machine For You.

10+ years of professional manufacturer experience, 1000+ customers worldwide, 7/24 online service to technical support. CTP Machine specialized in offset printing. Our CTP Machine SAME AS Kodak Trendsetter, Heidelberg Suprasetter, Agfa Avalon, Screen PlateRite.

  • Maximum size of plate: 1,163×940mm
  • Features: High stability and perfect output quality.
  • It can meet most printers’ demands.
  • UV plate and thermal plate are available for you to lower production cost.
  • Furthermore, to improve the production efficiency, 32 channels, 48 channels, and 64 channels laser are provided according to different printing speeds.
CTP Platesetter
CTP Platesetter

Why EASYPRESS CTP Machine Can Be Your NO.1 Choose.

CTP Machine

  • High-Quality​ CTP Machine

Stable external drum construction

Advanced laser diodes

Silent vacuum pump

Two-year machine warranty

  • Professional Service Engineers

24 hours a day with 7 days a week after sale-service to provide professional remote guidance

  • One More Business For You

Except You can use ctp machine image your own printing business, and you can also use your ctp machine image printing plate for other printing shops with rich profit.

CTP Machine Will Improve Your Printing Shop Productivity, Let You Earn More Money


Easypress has over 10 years ctp machine manufacturing experience. We have over 1000 global clients worldwide. If you need want to improve your printing shop productivity and make you image your printing plate easily, our ctp machine is your best choice.

In terms of construction type, our ctp machine used an external drum which is the most stable structure, which also makes you maintain the machine easily. The advanced laser diodes image your pictures and characters on the printing plate clearly. By the way, we also provide you a two-year machine warranty. Any parts in the ctp machine broke, we will provide you for free and express you ASAP.

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